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Treating A Childs Depression After A Car Accident

Understandably, physical injuries are a primary concern for children who are in motor vehicle accidents. After all, a high-impact collision can leave victims with broken bones, deep lacerations and even brain and spinal damage. But less discussed is the emotional trauma that can result from being in a car accident. A child can be especially […] Read More

New Motorcycle Vastly Reduces Chance Of Falls

Riding a motorcycle is great fun, so long as it remains upright. Dropping a motorcycle while waiting at a stop light can not only be embarrassing, but it’s also a back-straining hassle to get your bike back on its wheels. But more significantly, if your motorcycle tips while you’re riding and you take a tumble, […] Read More

Patients Can Suffer Due To Hospital Staff Communication Problems

Healthcare professionals have a duty to provide patients with proper treatment. And teamwork is an essential element of good care. All doctors and hospital staff members must work in concert to ensure their patients’ safety and well-being. And this means that they must constantly keep the lines of communication open among themselves. To do otherwise […] Read More

Sickness And Driving Are A Dangerous Mix

When winter comes, we are all more vulnerable to coming down with a cold or the flu. You are likely familiar with the symptoms of these illnesses, which can include fatigue, fever, headaches, coughing, sneezing and muscle aches. To put it bluntly, suffering from a seasonal illness is absolutely no fun. But were you aware […] Read More

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