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Otto Pioneers Self Driving Trucks With Successful Test

All of the media attention has focused on the “big” technology firms like Uber and their downtown Pittsburg self-driving taxis, the Google self-driven cars all over California, and Tesla with its widely adopted “auto-pilot” program. But, of perhaps greater importance, are self-driven trucks. Large trucks are responsible for a disproportionate number of severe and fatal […] Read More

The Many Benefits Of Dashboard Cameras

Small dashboard cameras (dash cams) that record footage in front of the car and inside the car are garnering acclaim from U.S. drivers for a variety of reasons. A dash cam sometimes can clearly show who was at fault in an auto accident, enabling your lawyer to build a strong case in your favor when […] Read More

Answers To Common Wrongful Death Questions

Wrongful death suits arise when the surviving loved ones or the estate of the deceased person brings an action on behalf of the decedent (the deceased person). Wrongful death suits operate on the premise that someone died due to the negligent action or omission of another person and that person should be held responsible for […] Read More

Public Service Announcement Sexting Is A Crime

For you kids out there (and parents, too!), be aware that so-called “sexting” can be prosecuted as a criminal offense in some states, including Pennsylvania. Sexting occurs when someone sends a “sexually explicit” (e.g., nude) picture of himself or herself to another via email or social media, often with a mobile device such as the […] Read More

Are Smartwatches Distracting Drivers

Smartwatches are taking the world by storm. A plethora of devices from wrist-worn fitness trackers to full-blown smartwatches are being offered to drivers. Unfortunately, these smartwatches are another device that distracts drivers. The study, from Tech Times out of the United Kingdom, found that smartwatches may, in fact, be more distracting than smartphones. The study […] Read More

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