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March 2011 Archives

Erie Injury Lawyer: Injury Calculator

March 30, 2011, ERIE, PA -- This morning I was doing my usual cruise through the internet searching for new personal injury information (yep, I know how that sounds). I started to type in the Google search box, "personal injury..." and Google suggested, "Personal Injury Calculator."

Erie Car Crash Attorneys: Cop Loses Rights Because of Limited Tort

March 30, 2011, ERIE, PA -- We watch the news of trials and judgment from other counties carefully. Unfortunately, when we see cases from other areas that involve limited tort, it's almost never good news for injured people in Pennsylvania. The latest case from Monroe County was no exception.

Erie Accident Lawyer: Man Hurt by Farm Tractor

March 27, 2011, Portland, NY - A Westfield man was seriously injured when struck by a farm tractor Saturday afternoon. The operator of the tractor had difficulty seeing as a result of the sun in his eyes and struck James R. Weary, 50. Mr. Weary was taken to Hamot UPMC Hospital in Erie. No information was available on his condition.

Erie Injury Lawyers Announce New Column: Keeping it Local!

March 25, 2011, ERIE, PA -- Tim and I are always looking for new things to put in our Pennsylvania personal injury law newsletter. There are a lots of choices among personal injury topics but even we have to admit that a newsletter composed entirely of Pennsylvania personal injury information starts to have a "one note" feel to it after a while.

Erie Dog Bite Lawyers: Man Attacked by 2 Dogs on West 12th Street

March 19, 2011, ERIE, PA -- Not everyone sees spring the same way as Erie injury lawyers do. Sure, we love the warmth and the fresh smell in the air just like everyone else. But we also know that spring in Erie County means warm weather related injuries, including dog bites. Sure enough, today's newspaper brings a story about an Erie man attacked by two stray dogs on West 12th Street.

Erie Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Warn Motorists to Look Twice for Motorcycles

March 19, 2011, ERIE, PA -- It's not quite spring yet but the Erie region has already seen the first serious motorcycle accident of the year. The accident, in the 2600 block of West 12th Street, appears to be one of those too familiar scenarios in which the driver of a car doesn't look carefully enough and pulls into the path of a defenseless motorcyclist. Now there are people suffering from injuries that are reportedly grave. It's time to remind motorists that bikers will be sharing the road more and more as the weather turns and everyone needs to be alert to their presence.

Erie Injury Lawyers Post Updated Info on Harborcreek Hit and Run

March 19, 2011, ERIE, PA -- More information is available on a Harborcreek hit and run accident reported here yesterday. Police have advised that the vehicle involved was not a pick-up but was a Dodge Magnum, Chrysler 300 or Dodge Charger, probably dark in color.

Erie Injury Lawyers Post Info on Harborcreek Hit and Run

March 18, 2011, Harborcreek, PA -- A man is in fair condition at UPMC-Hamot after being struck by a hit and run driver in Harborcreek shortly after midnight today. Michael Biletnikoff, no name or address available, has been identified as the victim/pedestrian in the Erie County car accident.

Pennsylvania Lawyers Taking Fewer Medical Malpractice Cases

March 15, 2011, ERIE, PA -- A leading Pennsylvania legal newspaper published this week a story about Pennsylvania medical malpractice lawyers. The story, headlined "Plaintiffs Firms Tightening Scrutiny of Med Mal Cases" reported that plaintiffs are winning fewer verdicts around the state and lawyers are getting more and more picky about the cases they'll take.

Erie Injury Lawyers Launch Pennsylvania Personal Injury Microsite

March 13, 2011, ERIE, PA -- Not everyone with an Erie personal injury claim wants all the information that we provide on our injury law website, For some people, we've just included way too much information to process.

Erie Medical Malpractice Lawyers: Night Time Birth Linked to Brain Injury?

March 11, 2011, ERIE, PA -- If you'd like to know the latest information about injuries from careless medical care generally, you can find it in our Medical Malpractice Library . We recently posted an article summarizing the results of a California study that followed two million full term babies and found compelling evidence of a link between night time births and increased risk of brain injury. Also linked to increased risk of brain injury were births in rural hospitals.

Erie Injury Lawyers Reveal Latest Insurance Company Dirty Tricks

March 12, 2011, ERIE, PA -- Regular readers know that we try to publicize helpful information about Pennsylvania injury cases and the insurance companies who work to prevent injured people from getting full compensation. This latest insurance company trick is something I knew I had to get out in the public eye as soon as possible.

Erie Lawyer on Disney, Problem Solvers and Client Service

March 6, 2011, Erie, PA -- So, I'm back from my Florida vacation with Tammy and the kids. We had a blast. We visited Disney World and, as always, I return completely astounded at the management of that place. The grounds are meticulously maintained, massive crowds are masterfully handled and, perhaps most impressively, the employees are unfailingly polite and helpful. I come away from these visits determined to personally do a better job servicing my clients and to take steps to ensure that our staff (as able and helpful as they all are) does an even better job, too.

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