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November 2010 Archives

Warren County Injury Lawyers: Pedestrian Killed in Route 27 Accident

December 1, 2010, WARREN, PA -- A Pittsfield man was killed in a pedestrian/car accident in Warren County yesterday morning. Herbert D. Schultz, 72, was walking west on the berm of Route 27 west of Hickory Lane in Pittsfield Township at about 6:45 a.m. when he was struck.

Erie Car Accident Lawyer Answers Snow Tire Questions

December 1, 2010, ERIE, PA -- Thinking about whether you should get snow tires this season? In the last two days, I added 8 snow tires to my wife's van and my truck. "A truck," you say? Why would you need snow tires on a truck? In our articles library, we posted an article on the three most frequently asked questions about snow tires to explain why.

Erie Car Accident Lawyers: Waterford Rollover Kills 1 on Baghdad Road

November 29, 2010, Waterford, PA -- A Waterford man was killed in a one car rollover accident on Baghdad Road early yesterday morning. Authorities report that Trevor D. Russell, 22, was westbound in his Nissan Xterra at about 3 a.m. just west of Tamarack Road when his vehicle slid sideways and the car began to roll.

Erie Car Accident Lawyers: McKean I-90 Rollover Crash Hurts 2

November 27, 2010, ERIE, PA -- A one car rollover accident on Interstate 90 in McKean Township injured two people Friday afternoon. The crash happened about a mile west of the Sterrettania Road Exit in the east bound lanes of I-90 around 5 p.m. Friday.

Erie Injury Lawyers Offer Toy Safety Shopping Information

November 25, 2010, ERIE, PA -- The Erie injury lawyers at Purchase, George & Murphey, P.C. are pleased to provide a toy safety shopping brochure for people heading to the stores tomorrow (Black Friday) and throughout the Christmas shopping season. You can download your copy of the brochure from our articles library by clicking HERE .

Erie Lawyers Wish All a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving

November 25, 2010, ERIE, PA -- Hamot's Holiday Care Cab is available again this year for holiday revelers who've had too much to drink and need a safe ride home. The program runs now through Friday at 3 a.m. and offers rides in the area defined by the lake shore (northern boundary), Interstate 90 (southern boundary), Millfair Road (western boundary) and Troupe Road in Harborcreek Township (eastern boundary).

Erie Lawyers Featured in National Marketing Publication

November 23, 2010, ERIE, PA -- Tim George and Purchase, George & Murphey, P.C. were featured this month in the newsletter of famed legal marketing guru Ben Glass . Ben Glass is the recognized authority on education based legal marketing strategies and his newsletter goes to lawyers around the country. We think it's pretty cool to be featured this month and we reproduced a portion of the article on our site for you.

Erie Pedestrian Accident Lawyer: 2 Hurt Crossing E. 12th St.

November 23, 2010, ERIE, PA -- An Erie man and his son were crossing East 12th Street in Erie when they were struck by a black SUV Sunday night. Indra Bista, 27, was carrying his 5 year old son when he stepped into the road just East of Ash Street and was struck by a westbound driver.

Erie Medical Malpractice Lawyer : Impact of Electronic Health Records on Medical Malpractice

November 20, 2010, Erie, PA -- The New England Journal of Medicine recently published an article about the ramifications of electronic health care records in the medical malpractice context. For the full article, click HERE .

Erie Motorcycle Accident Lawyers : More News About Possible Helmet Law Changes

November 20, 2010, Erie, PA -- We've been tracking the efforts by the National Transportation Safety Board to get the states to pass more restrictive motorcycle helmet laws here in our blog (see last week's blog entry on the subject HERE ). Today, the Erie Times covered the story, outlining the same tired old arguments that we heard about in 2003 when the state legislature and Gov. Ed Rendell passed legislation allowing motorcycle riders to go without a helmet.

Erie Car Accident Attorneys: 3 Hospitalized After Grubb/Sterrettenia Crash

November 20, 2010, ERIE, PA -- Three people have been hospitalized as a result of a two car collision at the intersection of Sterrettania Road and Grubb Road in Millcreek this past Friday night. Millcreek police said a northbound GMC Yukon struck a southbound Toyotal Camry when the Camry attempted to make a left turn onto Grubb Road about 9 p.m. last night.

Erie Medical Malpractice Lawyer : Suspected Murderer Sought Mental Health Treatment

November 19, 2010, ERIE, PA -- A man suspected of killing his girlfriend and two of their children had committed himself for mental health treatment at St. Vincent Health Center just a week prior to the killings. He was released despite the pleas of his family that he was a danger to himself and others.

Erie Auto Accident Lawyers: PA Starts Seat Belt Campaign

November 19, 2010, ERIE, PA -- You may know someone who doesn't wear a seatbelt. Now, there's another good reason to remind them to buckle up. Pennsylvania is launching a seatbelt campaign that will extend through the holiday and people who don't buckle up may be facing traffic tickets and sanctions.

Erie Car Accident Attorney: Fund For Man Injured In Route 8 Accident

November 18, 2010, ERIE, PA -- Robert Sands. 19, was northbound on Route 8 in Erie County Sunday when a southbound vehicle operated by a reportedly drunk driver crossed the center line and struck him head on. (See the original blog entry HERE ).

Erie Lawyer to Attend November 2010 House of Delegates Session

November 17, 2010, Harrisburg, PA - Eric J. Purchase is to attend the November 2010 session of the Pennsylvania Bar Association's House of Delegates. The House of Delegates is the policy setting arm of the Pennsylvania Bar Association and meets biannually. This fall's meeting is in Harrisburg, Pa.

Erie Lawyer Argues Before En Banc Superior Court Panel in Philadelphia

November 18, 2010, Philadelphia, PA -- Today I was the first lawyer of the day to appear before an en banc panel of the Superior Court in Philadelphia. Imagine my surprise to be looking straight into a robotic high def camera. The argument was fun and exciting and I'd do it again in heartbeat. It only took 19 years before my first en banc argument. I hope I don't have to wait another 19 for my second.

Erie Motorcycle Accident Lawyer : Feds Push for Helmet Laws

November 17, 2010, Washington, D.C. -- Federal Safety officials are asking states to consider enacting laws that would require all motorcycle riders to wear helmets. The National Transportation Safety Board said at a news conference yesterday that motorcycle deaths have increased over the last decade, even as all other traffic related fatalities have declined.

Erie Car Crash Lawyers: Man Dies After One Car Accident on State Street

November 17, 2010, ERIE, PA -- An Erie man died after a one vehicle crash on State Street in Erie this past Tuesday. Kris Vargo, 51, was driving a Lexus north on State Street, just below the Bayfront Parkway, when his car crashed into an unoccupied vehicle parked on State Street. The Erie car accident happened near 3:10 p.m.

Erie Lawyer to Argue Before En Banc Superior Court Panel

November 16, 2010, Erie, PA -- As an Erie lawyer who has made a career litigating and trying cases in trial courts around Pennsylvania, I'm pleased to be able to say that I rarely have occasion to appear in front of our Commonwealth's appellate courts. Most appeals relate to mistakes, real or imagined, at the trial court level and all involve time, expense and delay. So, for most lawyers, it's generally not a good thing to be in front of the appeal courts.

Forest County Car Crash Lawyers: Route 36 Accident Kills 2

November 15, 2010, TIONESTA, PA -- A young man and a boy were killed in a one car crash Saturday outside Tionesta. Noah L. Haibach, 20, of Tionesta was the driver of a of a 1998 Ford Expedition that left the road while traveling south on Route 36 north of Route 62 in Tionesta Township.

Erie Injury Lawyers : $5.5 Million Verdict for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

November 12, 2010 -- A woman who slipped and fell on a wet floor near a janitor's closet while working at NutriSystem was awarded $5.5 Million in damages by a jury in Meshulam-Orem v. Interstate Building Maintenance Corp., (C.P. Philadelphia Cty. Sept. 28, 2010).

Erie Medical Mistake Lawyers : $5.35 Million Verdict for Facial Deformity

November 12, 2010 -- A delay in the diagnosis of facial cancer caused the cancer to spread, resulting in more invasive treatment and long term risk, a jury found on September 29, 2010 in Reed v. Rhodes (C.P. Delaware County September 29, 2010).

Erie Injury Lawyers : Pennsylvania Rescue Doctrine

November 10, 2010, ERIE, PA -- Pennsylvania's rescue doctrine is a rule that allows rescuers who are injured to recover compensation from the negligent person who caused the peril in the first place. In order for the rule to apply, it must be shown that:

Erie Dog Bite Lawyers : Officials Looking for Dangerous Dogs

November 8, 2010, ERIE, PA -- Today's Erie Times ran a story on the region's dangerous dogs. Recent changes in Pennsylvania's dog laws coupled with the region's above average rate of dog attacks has local officials looking for dangerous dogs and their owners.

Erie Medical Malpractice Lawyers : Doctors Paid to Plug Products

November 8, 2010, ERIE, PA -- The Erie Times published a story today about some local doctors who are paid by pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers. Doctors protest that there is no conflict of interest posed by these payments and that, even though they're paid tens of thousands of dollars, the money has no impact on their decisions about what drugs to prescribe and which devices to use.

Venango County Car Accident Lawyer: Rouseville Man Injured on Route 8

November 8, 2010, Oil City, PA -- A Rouseville man was injured in a Venango County car accident on Route 8 Saturday. Eric D. Krupitzer, 34, was reportedly northbound on Route 8 when he went off the road at about 2 a.m. Saturday and struck a guide rail, according to police. No other vehicles were involved in the accident.

Erie Lawyer Honored by American College of Trial Lawyers

November 7, 2010, ERIE, PA -- Erie lawyer W. Patrick Delaney was inducted into the American College of Trial Lawyers this year, an honor that is extended only by invitation to trial lawyers who have mastered the art of advocacy and who have built a reputation for civility, collegiality and ethics.

Erie Lawyers : Hulk Hogan Debacle Offers Lessons For PA Consumers

Pennsylvania consumers can learn a few things from Hulk Hogan's troubles with lawyers, lawsuits and insurance companies. A car accident is the event that started it all for the pro wrestling star but the origins of his problems can be traced to a time long before the car accident. Hulk's fundamental problems were some bad choices in buying car insurance and ignorance about what to do in the event of an accident.

Erie Lawyer : New Article on Efforts to Restrict Access to the Courts

November 5, 2010, Erie, PA -- The Erie lawyers of Purchase, George & Murphey, P.C. are committed to providing free information to people interested in the business of law and the news of accident and injury cases. Today, we posted a new article on a recent court decision in a case in which a large corporation tried to restrict access to the courts for injured people by forcing injury lawyers to pay attorney fees when they lose a case.

Erie Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Provide Study Information

November 5, 2010, ERIE, PA -- The analysis of motorcycle accident causes and avoidance measures is nothing new but some of the most important research was performed over 30 years ago. We've provided a copy of that study in our Motorcycle Accident library and here offer a summary of some of the most interesting, and still valid, statistical findings, including:

Erie Motorcycle Accident Lawyers : Man Dies Because of East 12th Street Accident

November 5, 2010, Erie, PA -- An Erie man has died from injuries he suffered in an East 12th Street motorcycle accident this past Sunday. Morton J. Howard, 36, of the 400 block of East 18th Street, died Wednesday at UPMC Presbyterian Hospital. He'd been flown to Pittsburgh from Hamot after the accident.

Erie Accident Lawyer: Rear End Car Crash on 12th Street Near Greengarden

November 5, 2010, ERIE, PA -- A woman injured her neck in a car accident on West 12th Street about 2 blocks west of Greengarden Boulevard yesterday. She was taken by ambulance to St. Vincent Health Center after the Erie car accident.

Erie Lawyers: Jury Awards $850,000 for Parking Lot Accident

November 5, 2010 -- A jury awarded $850,000 in damages to a woman injured in a parking lot accident when struck by an Office Max truck pulling out of a parking spot. In Moyer v. Medvinsky (C.P. Phila. Cty. August 24, 2010), Kim Moyer was injured when on a break from her job as a billing clerk. She was having a cigarette in the smoking area of the parking lot with her back to the parking area when an Office Max truck backed into her.

Erie Lawyers: $275,000 Verdict Stands

November 5, 2010, ERIE, PA -- Judges sometimes will reduce a jury's award of damages if the amount is excessive. However, the amount of the verdict has to be shocking and clearly excessive. We've posted an article in our car accident library about one recent verdict in which the Court was asked to reduce the jury's award.

Erie Lawyers : Luzerne County Judge Pleads Guilty

November 3, 2010, Erie, PA -- In a sad footnote to the long tale of judicial corruption in Luzerne County, Judge Michael Toole pled guilty yesterday to accepting the use of a beach house in exchange for helping a lawyer win an arbitration. The plea comes at the end of a series of criminal investigations and guilty pleas from multiple Luzerne County judges who, among other crimes, conspired with the private operator of a juvenile detention center to place accused children in the privately run prison in exchange for millions of dollars.

Erie Wrongful Death Lawyers: Man Killed in Erie Corvette Accident

November 3, 2010, Erie, PA -- A man was killed Monday in a one car crash on East 12th Street. Mark Struble, 55, of the 4300 block of East South Shore Drive, was killed after being ejected from his 2007 Chevrolet Corvette near 6 p.m. Monday.

Erie Car Crash Lawyer: Hip and Leg Injuries After 12th Street Accident

November 2, 2010, Erie, PA -- A woman suffered hip and leg injuries after a 12th Street pedestrian accident Monday morning. The woman, who has not yet been identified, was crossing Peninsula Drive in the crosswalk at 12th and Peninsula when a car turning right onto Peninsula from the eastbound lanes of 12th Street struck her.

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