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Erie Truck Accident Lawyer Npr Truckers Sleep Apnea

A connection between truckers and sleep apnea is being explored as a way of increasing truck safety. Truckers are more likely than average Americans to be overweight, which can lead to health problems such as sleep apnea which disrupts sleep and causes fatigue – a factor contributing to thousands of highway truck crashes every year, […] Read More

Pa Insurance Claims Lawyers State May Use Surveillance To Enforce Ins Laws

A proposal championed by Governor Ed Rendell to put surveillance cameras on Pennsylvania’s public streets and highways in order to enforce insurance laws is being met with resistance by insurance companies. The problem of uninsured drivers in Pennsylvania is more common than many people appreciate. As Erie car accident lawyers, we see too often the […] Read More

Erie Lawyers More Funny Lawyer Videos

Meaningless lawyer advertising is a problem. It poisons our jury pools. It cheapens the image of lawyers. Ultimately, it hurts our clients. That’s why we’ve committed to an education based marketing campaign for our Erie injury law firm. The only good thing about meaningless lawyer advertising is the grist it provides for funny people. Here […] Read More

Erie Accident Lawyers Suggested Car Safety Laws Erie Injury Lawyers

In a story I posted earlier this morning, I related the recent Erie Times News article about Pennsylvania’s teen driving laws and one organization’s suggestion that they need to be improved to limit Pennsylvania car accidents. The article did not include the suggested improvements to Pennsylvania’s driving laws so I went to the site myself […] Read More

Erie Car Crash Lawyers Teen Driving Laws Pa Accident Lawyers

The Erie Times today reported that there were 34,376 Pennsylvania car accidents attributed to younger drivers in 2008, the most recent year for which such statistics were available. Statistically, the article reports, drivers in age groups 16 – 17 and 18 – 19 are far more likely than any other to be involved in an […] Read More

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