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Erie Truck Accident Lawyer: NPR - Truckers & Sleep Apnea

A connection between truckers and sleep apnea is being explored as a way of increasing truck safety. Truckers are more likely than average Americans to be overweight, which can lead to health problems such as sleep apnea which disrupts sleep and causes fatigue - a factor contributing to thousands of highway truck crashes every year, according to a recent report. LINK

Erie Lawyers : More Funny Lawyer Videos

Meaningless lawyer advertising is a problem. It poisons our jury pools. It cheapens the image of lawyers. Ultimately, it hurts our clients. That's why we've committed to an education based marketing campaign for our Erie injury law firm.

Erie Accident Lawyers : Suggested Car Safety Laws : Erie Injury Lawyers

In a story I posted earlier this morning, I related the recent Erie Times News article about Pennsylvania's teen driving laws and one organization's suggestion that they need to be improved to limit Pennsylvania car accidents. The article did not include the suggested improvements to Pennsylvania's driving laws so I went to the site myself to find out what the group suggests.

Erie Car Crash Lawyers :Teen Driving Laws: PA Accident Lawyers

The Erie Times today reported that there were 34,376 Pennsylvania car accidents attributed to younger drivers in 2008, the most recent year for which such statistics were available. Statistically, the article reports, drivers in age groups 16 - 17 and 18 - 19 are far more likely than any other to be involved in an accident. The age group under 21 accounts for 60% of all accidents involving more than one vehicle and 40% of all single vehicle collisions.

Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety
, a Washington, D.C. based safety advocacy organization, has been critical of Pennsylvania's teen driving laws for years, having rated Pennsylvania as among the worst states in the union for teen driving laws. A spokesman for the group expressed frustration that Pennsylvania's legislators seem uninterested in the problem of Pennsylvania teen driving accidents.

Erie Bike Safety Rodeo Cancelled

We're sad to report that today's Erie Times News had a story advising that the Peninsula Bike Safety Rodeo scheduled for this weekend has been cancelled due to lack of registration.

GEICO Tries to Deny Coverage to its own Insured, Loses on Appeal

Lamont Dixon was a GEICO insured. He purchased underinsured motorist coverage from GEICO and paid his premiums. On December 6, 2007, he was delivering a vehicle for his employer when a woman made an illegal left turn and ended up going northbound in a southbound lane of travel, causing a Pennsylvania car accident in which Mr. Dixon was badly injured. He had over $79,542 in expenses and lost between $324,000 and $684,000 in wages.

PA Recursos Motos: Abogados de Accidentes de Motos Erie

Pennsylvania ofrece algunos recursos muy atiles para los motociclistas. Uno de estos recursos es la de Pennsylvania Motos Manual del operador del que es una excelente fuente de informacion sobre las leyes de funcionamiento de la motocicleta en Pennsylvania y consejos para la operacion segura de motocicletas en Pennsylvania. Para comodidad de nuestros lectores, nos proporcione una copia del manual en nuestro sitio para descarga gratuita y revision.

PA Motorcycle Resources : Erie Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Pennsylvania offers some very helpful resources for motorcyclists. One of these resources is the Pennsylvania Motorcycle Operator Manual which is an excellent resource for information about the laws of motorcycle operation in Pennsylvania and tips for the safe operation of motorcycles in Pennsylvania. As a convenience to our readers, we provide a copy of the manual on our site for free download and review.

Pennsylvania Seguro Recursos conducir: Abogados de Accidentes de Pennsylvania de coches

Pennsylvania ofrece algunos recursos muy entiles para los conductores. Uno de ellos es el Manual del Conductor de Pennsylvania , que es una excelente fuente de informacien sobre las leyes de funcionamiento del veheculo en Pennsylvania y consejos para la operacien segura de veheculos en Pennsylvania. Para comodidad de nuestros lectores que prefieren leer en espanol, se hacen una copia de la version en espanol del manual en nuestro sitio para descarga gratuita y revision.

Pennsylvania Safe Driving Resources : PA Accident Lawyers

Pennsylvania offers some very helpful resources for drivers. One of them is the Pennsylvania Driver's Manual which is an excellent resource for information about the laws of vehicle operation in Pennsylvania and tips for the safe operation of vehicles in Pennsylvania. As a convenience to our readers, we provide a copy of the manual on our site for free download and review.

Doctors Won't Report Impaired or Incompetent Colleagues, Survey Says

Even though the American Medical Association has definitively declared that physicians have a duty to report impaired, incompetent or unethical colleagues, a recent survey by the Journal of the American Medical Association found that more than a third of doctors disagree that they should report their incompetent colleagues or those impaired by drug abuse.

Hamot Malpractice Suit Announced in NY Injury News

The story reports that Erie's Hamot Medical Center is facing a wrongful-death lawsuit that claims the hospital wrongly identifies itself as a trauma center, and that the hospital's lack of preparedness for treating trauma victims led to the unnecessary death of a 2008 motorcycle crash victim. John P. Heynoski suffered blood loss that eventually led to his death while waiting for a helicopter to transport him to a different hospital.

Erie Motorcycle Lawyer ; Near Miss With Motorcycle Doing a "Wheelie" on 26th Street

It's July 26, 2010, shortly after noon. I'm waiting to make a left turn out of our driveway on West 26th Street (just west of the light at Crescent Avenue). 26th Street in this neighborhood of Erie, PA is a five lane road with two lanes east bound, two lanes westbound and a middle lane for turning. The neighborhood is mostly commercial, including several retail businesses for which vehicles enter and exit onto and off of 26th Street with some routine.

New Blossoms New Life Charity Tournament Coming!

The New Blossoms New Life Foundation is holding its annual "Fairways for Families" Charity Tournament this August 28, 2010 at Elk Valley Golf Course. This event is a fun and affordable ($60 per golfer) scramble format tournament. Purchase, George & Murphey, P.C. will again be a major sponsor of the event and would encourage all our friends, clients, vendors and family to get involved and help. Golfers are welcome, of course, but so is anyone who'd just like to sponsor a hole, contribute a prize or otherwise volunteer and help. More information can be found at the New Blossoms New Life website or by going to the organization's facebook page . Also, anyone interested in golfing or otherwise helping the event (by being a hole sponsor or contributing prizes or in some other fashion) can contact Eric Purchase directly at 814-580-5017.

Bar Lawsuit Lawyers : Liquor Liability : Suing Bars : Rivero Opinion

In Rivero, et al. v. Timblin, et al, a Lancaster County Court of Common Pleas does an excellent job in reviewing and analyzing the case law applicable to cases against Pennsylvania bars and taverns who serve drunk customers and concludes that lawsuits against bars and taverns are not limited to the bare claim that the bar served a visibly intoxicated patron. lnstead, people who've been injured by drunk drivers can sue the bar for all of its acts of carelessness, which can include allegations of poor training for servers, hiring incompetent servers, encouraging drinking (to excess), providing inadequate oversight and other acts of carelessness.

2010 PA Association for Justice Update Rescheduled

Learn how your Association is working on behalf of its members and injured people in Pennsylvania on the Hill and across the Commonwealth. Mark Phenicie, PAJ's Legislative Counsel and one of the most well-known and effective lobbyists in Pennsylvania, will review the status of several initiatives being pushed by PAJ, and report regarding the outlook for the fall election, including the races for the House, Senate and Governor in Pennsylvania and the U.S. House and Senate elections.

Two Die in Lake City Pennsylvania Motorcycle Crash

The Erie Times News reported this morning that two men were killed when their motorcycle collided with a vehicle on Route 5 in Girard Township just west of the Elk Creek Access area. Kurt A. Hainzer of Albion, 49 was operating the motorcycle and David M. Graham, 45, of West Springfield was a passenger on the motorcycle.

Hamot on Pace for Motorcycle Injury Record

The Erie Times News reports that Hamot hospital has already treated more Erie motorcycle injuries this year than it did all of last year and is on pace to treat a record number of motorcycle injuries this year. The article suggests that motorcycle riders need to be more careful. We don't disagree but we'd note that many of these accidents happened because a car driver failed to look or see the motorcyclist and, in a moment of carelessness, caused a tragedy.

PA Report Confirms Hazards Posed to Patients by Disruptive Doctors

I read today an article in the Harrisburg Patriot News that relayed some fairly outrageous examples of doctors behaving badly and in ways that are potentially harmful to patients. Unfortunately, these stories are not at all surprising to me nor are they particularly unusual. Tales of doctors acting out of anger, ego or impatience at the expense of patient safety are depressingly common when you handle Pennsylvania medical malpractice cases.

Harborcreek Township Motorcycle Fatality Victims

The Erie Times News has reported more specific information on the tragic motorcycle accident that occurred in Harborcreek Township this past weekend. Renee M. Lorei, 47, of Erie, was operating a 2005 blue Honda Shadow when it was struck by a white Buick LeSabre at 9:07 p.m., at the intersection of Route 5 and Fair Avenue. John M. Wojciki, 48, of Erie, was riding with her.

Two Fatalities in Erie, Pennsylvania in Separate Accidents this Weekend

Two Erie people were killed in two separate traffic accidents in the Erie area on July 16. At about 5pm Cheryl Sisk, 60, of Conneaut Township was killed when the minivan she was driving north on Interstate 79 in Summit Township left the roadway just north of Interstate 90 and hit a tree. Her passenger, Ryan Schmitt, of Conneaut Lake, was transported to Hamot Hospital.

Erie Animal Bites up 50 Percent : Erie Dog Bite Lawyers

The Erie Times News reports that animal bites are up 50 percent this summer. It reminds us to publicize some of the resources we have available on our site, including articles on how to avoid being the victim of a dog bite; what to do if you've been bitten; and how to keep your dog from biting.

Erie Swimming Pool Tragedy : Erie Swimming Pool Lawyers

The Erie Times News has reported that Marina Sarukhanova died yesterday from injuries she'd suffered in a swimming pool accident. The eight year old had been in a coma following a July 3, 2010 incident in which she'd fallen in a residential pool and become trapped in a pool cover.

So Outrageously Bad They're Funny Lawyer Videos

Honestly, I'm not a big fan of lawyer jokes. Really. I usually don't think it's funny when people poke fun in a disparaging way at a profession to which I have devoted my entire adult life. Still, I recognize that there are members of my profession who act in a way that is deserving of ridicule. Usually, I am not amused when I see lawyers besmirching my profession. Sometimes though, the behavior is so over the top that it can make even me laugh. Here are some truly funny videos of lawyers humiliating themselves.

PA Supreme Court Holds Uninsured Motorist Carrier Must Provide Coverage Despite Failure of Insured to Give 30 Day Phantom Vehicle Notice

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court recently held that an insurance company is not relieved of its contractual obligation to provide uninsured motorist coverage merely because the insured failed to provide notice to the insurance company of a phantom vehicle within 30 days as required by the MVFRL and/or the policy.

Pool Safety Lawyers : Erie Swimming Pool Lawyers

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has published a number of safety guides for pool, spa, whirlpool and Hot tubs safety that I've added for your review or download in our articles section. Now that summer is here and people in Northwest Pennsylvania are using their pools and having new ones installed, the Erie swimming pool lawyers at Purchase, George & Murphey, P.C. would like to offer information about the responsibilities of pool ownership and to provide information helpful to Erie pool owners and parents. Erie pool injuries can be prevented. Here are links to the publications available on our site:

Erie Girl Treated for Near-Drowning

The Erie Times News reported today that an 8 year old girl was pulled from a home pool at 445 East Fourth Street in Erie, Pennsylvania after nearly drowning. The little girl was first taken by emergency crews to Saint Vincent Health Center and subsequently flown to Pittsburgh Children's Hospital . Little was reported about the girl's condition except that she had a pulse and was being flown to Pittsburgh for specialized treatment.

P & G's First Newsletter Sent to Clients and Friends

Purchase, George & Murphey, P.C., P.C. has committed to providing a regular newsletter with fun and interesting updates about what's happening in Pennsylvania personal injury law and at our offices. We'll feature staff updates (like Tim's recent deployment to Iraq with the 28th Combat Aviation Brigade) and interesting material on topics like the curative power of laughter. By clicking on the link you can see or download our debut newsletter .

Dauphin County Court Awards Attorney Fees for Successful PRO Appeal

Still think your Pennsylvania auto insurance company will be fair with you? I've added to our Articles library the full text of a recent opinion from the Court of Common Pleas of Dauphin County in which State Farm Insurance decided to fight over $1,360.68 in medical bills it was required to pay on behalf of its own insured. What's so terrible about that? Well, the cost of paying the attorney to fight State Farm over such a small amount ended up being over $27,000. Who's going to spend $27,000 fighting over $1,300?

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