November, 2009, ERIE, PA -- In a stunning election day victory, our own Eric Purchase was elected Judge of Elections for the 20th District of the 5th Ward of the City of Erie.  Purchase credits a massive groundswell of support apparently resulting from a grassroots write-in campaign that had escaped media attention prior to the time the election returns were in.

Early returns indicated that Purchase's victory came by a whisker thin one vote margin of victory over his next closest opponent, an unnamed candidate who received 0 votes.  Concerned citizens in the region have wondered aloud about whether a re-count will be conducted but given the complete absence of interest in the position by anyone else it seems that Purchase's election day victory will remain intact.

Purchase will serve two days every year when voters appear at the 20th District polling station to cast votes in the annual primary and general elections.

Purchase jokingly suggested that friends and family refer to him henceforth as "Your Honor."  Despite the jovial delivery, some observers suggested that he was kind of serious about it and has allegedly ordered robes.  Experienced courthouse personnel confirm that a Judge of Elections is not required to wear robes and, indeed, no one in the Elections office can ever recall someone in that capacity actually wearing robes.