September 6, 2010, ERIE, PA -- Eric Purchase has agreed to serve as the Advisor to the Erie County Law Explorers.  The Law Explorers are organized through the French Creek Council, Boy Scouts of America.  The Law Explorers is a program offered to young men and women aged 15 to 20 who are interested in the law as a career.

Law Explorers offers participants an opportunity to interact closely with experts in the legal field. The students will receive hands-on training, discussions with lawyers and judges involved in different areas of law, and an opportunity to participate in activities of their choosing, including a possible mock trial.

Our first meeting of the year will be October 5, 2010 at the Erie County Courthouse in the courtroom of the Honorable Stephanie Domitrovich and will begin at 6:15 pm.  Interested students may contact Atty. Purchase at 814-580-5017.

More information will be posted here throughout the year.