November 11, 2010 | Posted in DUI

By Tim George
Erie DUI Attorney & Criminal Defense Lawyer

After the Pennsylvania legislature passed the new DUI statute in 2004, the question about whether the law requires police to have "probable cause" to stop a motorist persisted - until November 26, 2008. On that date, our Supreme Court held in a Commonwealth v. Chase that probable cause is no longer required for police to stop motorists in Pennsylvania. Instead, the Court ruled that a motorist can be pulled over based merely upon "reasonable suspicion" of a violation of the Motor Vehicle Code.

Although a new and lower standard than what had long been the law in Pennsylvania, reasonable suspicion still requires that police point to specific facts in support of their decision to stop a motorist. The reason for pulling over a driver must be based on more than unparticularized suspicion, or a "hunch" that the driver might be DUI.

Even with the lower standard, these cases still can be challenged - and won. Check out some of our recent Success Stories at If you believe that you were unlawfully stopped by police call (814) 835-0400 to discuss your case today. If you or someone close to you was recently arrested for DUI in Erie or elsewhere in northwest Pennsylvania, visit or call (814) 835-0400 to discuss your case today.

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