A jury returned a verdict awarding a woman injured in an Erie, Pennsylvania car accident more than $375,000 as compensation for lost wages, future lost earning capacity and pain and suffering damages.  The verdict, rendered in the Court of Common Pleas of Erie County, Pennsylvania on February 13, 2014, is believed to be among the largest car accident verdicts in Erie County in the last year.

The Erie motor vehicle accident occurred at the intersection of West 26th Street and Greengarden Boulevard in Erie, PA on March 4, 2009 when the defendant drove through a red light on Greengarden directly into the path of the injured woman.  Her injuries included an aggravation of a pre-existing defect in her spine which required her to seek ongoing medical care for over three years.  Her care included multiple epidural steroid injections directly into her spine; facet injections; a spinal tap; physical therapy; and, finally, the surgical implantation of an electrical stimulator and battery pack to shock her spinal cord as a means of interfering with pain signals.  The injured woman also was forced to change jobs and accept a lower paying job as a result of her injury.

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