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Erie and northwest Pennsylvania are vibrant communities with unique businesses. We're pleased to count many local small business owners, families and employees as friends and clients and we're committed to doing business with local business partners.

As part of our commitment to "Keep it Local" we will be featuring local businesses in our newsletter. Each month we'll provide our readers with fun and helpful information about one of the local enterprises that helps to make Erie a great place to live and raise a family.

For now, here are our Top Ten Reasons to Keep it Local!

  1. Unique Businesses Create Character and Prosperity
  2. Buying local results in more money being re-invested locally.
  3. Local business owners are the largest employers nationally and so buying local promotes job growth.
  4. Local business owners donate more money to local charities than do non-local owners.
  5. Local businesses hire people with specific service and product expertise, providing better customer service.
  6. Local businesses use fewer public services and require relatively little infrastructure compared to national chains.
  7. Local businesses innovate and provide competition.
  8. Local business is good for the environment! Local growers, manufacturers and service providers require less transportation.
  9. In a world where every strip plaza looks the same no matter what town you're in, local businesses provide distinction and local flavor.
  10. Local business owners are less likely to leave and take jobs away from the community.

And this bonus reason for doing business locally: Local business owners live, work and raise their families in the community and thus have a direct, personal interest in doing the best they can for their customers.

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