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Halloween can be fun for the whole family. We love the chance to see our neighbors in what is often the last outdoor encounter we'll have with them before the snow flies (in Erie, it's not unusual to see that first snow on Halloween). But safety needs to be the first concern for Pennsylvania trick or treaters. Here, we offer some E(e)rie Halloween safety tips to parents about how they can help to make their child's costume safe and fun.

  1. The material for your child's costume must be fire-resistant. Jack-o-lanterns are everywhere and fires are not uncommon. Check the label and make sure before you bring your child's costume home.
  2. Choose bright colors and look for opportunities to incorporate reflective material in the costume. Even if it seems out of place, put reflective tape on the costume and treat bag.
  3. For small children, put emergency contact information on the costume or on your child's wrist. Include the child's name, your phone number and address.
  4. Make sure costumes are not so long that they pose a tripping hazard and avoid sharp props.
  5. If using face paint (often preferable to a mask because it does not impede vision) check labels to make sure it is non-toxic and meets U.S. standards for cosmetics.
  6. Check masks to ensure your child can see and remove masks when walking between homes.

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