Purchase, George and Murphey is open to linking to other personal injury sites, provided that they are credible sites that provide helpful information.

Unfortunately, in today's world of web marketing, it is important to link to credible and relevant sites and to have them link to yours. This raises your rank on search engines so that people can access relevant content more easily. Although this is not the only factor in raising your page rank, it is certainly a big one.

Due to this, Purchase, George & Murphey is happy to exchange links with other Personal Injury sites provided that they are credible and offer relevant information. If you would like us to include you highly on our page, we expect that you will do the same for us and if you would like us to write a positive blog entry about your page we are willing to do so, provided that you create a positive blog entry about our page. This will increase both of our pages search engine rankings greatly.

If you would like to link to our page here is how it should look on your site:

Erie Accident Lawyers
Purchase, George & Murphey, P.C. are injury lawyers representing clients throughout Northwest PA including in Erie, Crawford, Warren, Venango, Mercer, Jefferson, Clarion and McKean Counties.

If you would like to exchange links or trade blogs, send us an email at nkelly14@me.com with the subject heading "Lawyer Link Exchange". Include the link that you would like us to post, along with a link to where we can see our link on your site. If we have no issues with your content then we will promptly post your link. Also include if you are interesting in blog exchanging.