Learn some of the reasons why the playing field is tilted against you after your car or truck accident in Erie or Meadville Pennsylvania. And what you can do about it.

" Expecting the world to treat you fairly because you are a good person, is a little like expecting a bull not to attack you because you are a vegetarian." - Dennis Wholey, host of This is America

If you are harmed by a careless driver it would be understandable for you to believe that you'll be treated fairly. After all, you did nothing wrong. It was the other driver who was drunk, ran a red light or was texting when he crashed into you and your family. The insurance company for the other guy will pay your medical bills, fix your car, repay your lost wages, and make a fair settlement offer, right?

Unfortunately, your pursuit of justice is doomed to failure if, like the vegetarian in the bull ring, you assume that you will be treated fairly by the insurance company just because you did nothing wrong, suffered genuine harm and are a good person. We know that good people, unaware of the battle they face, have legitimate claims denied, delayed, disputed or devalued by big insurance companies. The vast financial and human resources available to insurance companies who fight to protect their bottom line hardly make for a fair and pleasant experience for you.

What can you do about it? The first thing you can do is recognize the overwhelming advantage the insurance company has when dealing with you. You should not take that personally. If this were a contest in which the adjuster had to try to do your job, things would be quite different. Here, without any particular experience or training, you are matched against a team of insurance professionals (some you see and talk to about your case and many others you don't, but who nevertheless are working behind the scenes). The specialized training of each of the insurance adjusters, appraisers, investigators and their supervisors creates a tremendous advantage - for them. Their job is to pay you as little as possible. The less they pay you, the more profits for their insurance company. Their duty is to the shareholders of the company, not you. It is quite literally a zero-sum game for them. And they're good at it. Oh, and they have time on their side. The insurance company is in no hurry, unlike you.

After you develop an appreciation for just how one-sided things are, what else can you do to level the field? The Erie accident attorneys at Purchase, George & Murphey, P.C. firmly believe that an experienced and committed lawyer is the best asset an injured person can have when taking on the other guy's insurance company. The insurance industry seems to agree. One insurance industry organization tells consumers that they should consult with an attorney only "as a last resort."

We'd like to help you level the field. If you were recently hurt in an Erie car accident, you almost certainly have many questions. For example, you may be wondering how your medical bills will be paid, whether you need an Erie accident lawyer for your case or where you can find tips for handling your own injury case. You can find answers to many of these questions on this website or you can order a free comprehensive book we've written just for people who've been injured in Pennsylvania car accidents, " The Ultimate Guide to Car Accident Cases in Pennsylvania: A Roadmap to Justice ". Of course, if you'd just prefer to cut through the paperwork, call today to talk for free with one of our Erie car crash lawyers at 814-580-5017