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Just in a Pennsylvania car accident? There's an app for that, believe it or not.

We've offered tips here about what to do after a Pennsylvania car accident. However, we've never before given much consideration to how helpful today's smartphones can be in accomplishing those tasks. Now that we've thought about it, turns out they can do quite a lot.

  • The Flashlight App -- Droids and I-Phones, among others, will allow users to download an application that turns their phone into a very effective, albeit battery draining, flashlight. If you've just been in an accident and need a flashlight, your phone can serve very nicely.

  • Scene Photos -- Almost every phone today comes with a camera. These handy cameras can record damage to the vehicles, the position of the vehicles and the scene, not to mention any visible injuries.

  • Witness Statements -- We advise people who've been in an accident to get witness names and phone numbers. The idea is that investigators can follow up with these witnesses while the information is still fresh. With today's cell phones, video cameras are not uncommon and smart phones can be programmed to include dictaphone software. You can get more than name, address and phone number of a witness. If the witness will agree, you can actually record a witness's statement right there at the scene!

  • GPS/Phone Positioning -- Not sure where you are? Many phones today have GPS or at least some capacity to identify your position through the cell system.

  • Phone -- Um, we almost forgot this one but your phone can also be used as That's right. You can use your phone to call for emergency help.

  • Specialized Car Accident Apps -- Even easier, there are now applications for smart phones designed specifically to help you collect and record important car accident information. These apps do some or all of the things we've identified and may also make it easy to contact a tow truck or start your claims process with your auto insurance company. Some of the available car accident apps include:

The Bottom Line

If you were recently hurt in an Erie car accident, you almost certainly have many questions. For example, you may be wondering how your medical bills will be paid, whether you need an Erie accident lawyer for your case or where you can find tips for handling your own injury case. You can find answers to many of these questions on this website or you can order a free comprehensive book we've written, "The Ultimate Guide to Car Accident Cases in Pennsylvania: A Roadmap to Justice". Of course, if you'd just prefer to cut through the paperwork, call today to talk for free with one of our Erie car crash lawyers at 814-580-5017.