Effective April 2, 2012, a new law in Pennsylvania imposes specific responsibilities on and creates legal protection for both motorists and bicyclists in an effort to enhance the safety of bicyclists.  Whether you're a bicyclist or a driver, here's what you need to know about Pennsylvania's new bicycle safety law:

1.  Drivers are required to maintain at least four feet between their vehicle and a bicyclist.  This applies even when passing a bicyclist.  So, if you can't safely pass a bicyclist while allowing for a minimum four feet wide "safety cushion" then you must wait until circumstances allow you to proceed safely.

2.  Drivers are permitted to cross a double yellow line if it is safe to do so and necessary to maintain the four foot wide "safety cushion" when passing a bicyclist.

3.  Bicyclists must stay to the right portion of the roadway if they are traveling more slowly than the speed limit.  Exceptions to this rule apply when a bicyclist is making a left hand turn or traveling on a one-way street.

4.  Drivers turning left must yield the right of way to oncoming bicyclists.

5.  It is illegal for a motorist to force a bicyclist off the road and offenders may be criminally prosecuted.

Hurt in a Pennsylvania Bicycle Accident?

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