As winter approaches, hydroplaning becomes an increasing concern of motorists in northwestern Pennsylvania. You can access here a video that helps explain what to do in the event your vehicle begins to hydroplane. As Erie injury lawyers committed to offering helpful information about safety, injuries and the lawsuits that arise from them, we offer this and tons more free information on our site.

We help many people and their families every year who suffer tremendous harm as the result car, truck and motorcycle accidents that occur under poor road conditions. Our region experiences lots of wet weather, either from rain or snow. In the coming months we will see snowy roads become "slushy" roads either after the salt trucks pass or the temperature warms. When water pools on northwest Pennsylvania roads - either from a road defect or simply due to Mother Nature - an all too familiar danger looms: hydroplaning.

Hydroplaning can be a terrifying experience for motorists. However, sometimes you can avoid a serious accident by taking these precautionary measures and employing the techniques shown in this educational video.

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