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Good information can be hard to find, especially when you need it most. Knowing where to turn for help after the police arrest you for DUI in Erie, Warren or Meadville, Pennsylvania isn't easy when you have never been in trouble before. The fear of what could happen to you, your job and your driver's license (or CDL) can be overwhelming when you can't find answers to your questions. And it isn't fair to someone like you who feels pressed to decide quickly what DUI lawyer to trust with something so important as your freedom.

Free Books Written by a Top-Rated DUI Lawyer

Want good information for free? We have two really popular consumer guides that may fit your needs.  Both written by a Top-Rated, 10.0, AV Pennsylavania DUI lawyer.

Ho To Choose A DUI Lawyer

How to Choose a DUI Lawyer: Let Facts Not Fear Drive Your Decision

Offers tips about:

The 5 Biggest Mistakes People Make Hiring a DUI Lawyer
How to Choose the Right DUI Lawyer
5 Questions to Ask Before You Meet Any DUI Lawyer
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
And Much More!

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Defending Freedom

Defending Freedom: The Ultimate Guide to DUI Cases in Pennsylvania (3rd. Ed.)

Provides tons of information including:

The Basics: For Anyone Arrested for DUI in Pennsylvania
ARD: Could This Be Your "Get Out of Jail Free" Card?
Scoring Points with PENDOT: How to Avoid Surprises
And Much More!

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Every good, 10.0, AV-Preeminent Rated Erie Pennsylvania DUI lawyer should have free information they can send you before you meet with them. Be sure to download our books before you call or drive for a "free consultation" with anyone.

But before you get our books, you must understand that ordering one of our books does NOT make you a client of Tim George or Purchase, George & Murphey, P.C. These books are just ways to educate yourself about the challenges and difficulties you face and how to make smart decisions as you look for solutions to the problems a Pennsylvania DUI creates for you. There is no charge for these books and your contact information will not be sold or given away to anyone else.