Pennsylvania automobile insurance companies are permitted to cancel or non-renew insurance policies but not for any reason.  Thus, it is possible that your insurance company may have made a mistake and it is possible that cancellation or non-renewal in your case is not permitted.

The first you thing you should do is call your agent and/or the insurance company directly and ask for a detailed explanation of the reason you were cancelled.  If you're not happy with the explanation you receive and you suspect that your insurance company acted mistakenly or has an otherwise invalid reason for cancelling your policy, you should contact the Pennsylvania Insurance Department.  If you can't find what you're looking for by clicking on the link, try an e-mail to the department at or call the department's toll-free automated hotline at 877-505-9548 .

Time is important so don't delay.  You have only 30 days of the company's mailing of the notice of cancellation or non-renewal to submit a statement to the insurance department detailing your reasons for disagreeing with the actions of the insurance company.  If you don't act quickly, you may lose important rights.