A: In a word, no.  We'd really prefer it if you would stop using social media while your personal injury case is pending.  Social media is literally an engine for recording remarks, photos and video that are taken out of context.  Insurance companies and defense lawyers love these sites and make increasingly effective use of the information they find there to deprive injured people of the compensation to which they would otherwise be entitled.  So, no, it's not a good idea to use social media while your personal injury case is pending.

But we know this advice may not be practical for many people.  We recognize that social media is a growing and increasingly important facet of many of our client's lives.  So, we've posted detailed information explaining how what you're doing on facebook (or some other social media) right now can be damaging your case and five tips to avoid or at least minimize the damage.  Click on the link to read our article, " Social Networking and Personal Injury: Honesty Isn't Enough."

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