There are many considerations unique to commercial truck accident cases which make them different from (and often more complex than) other car accident cases.  Here is a sampling of some of the important differences:

1) Trucks are required to carry more insurance coverage than passenger cars.

2) Commercial truck drivers must meet higher safety standards than drivers of passenger vehicles.

3) Many federal regulations (which do not apply to cars) govern the operation and use of commercial trucks because commercial trucks are often used for interstate commerce.

4) Trucking companies must perform background checks of drivers before they are hired, and then evaluate them periodically after they hire them.       

5) Commercial truck drivers may drive each day for only a limited number of hours.

6) Equipment and load safety issues play a role in truck accidents more often than they do in typical car accident cases.

These considerations create issues not found in other car accident investigations. These and other issues require investigation in order to properly evaluate and prepare your commercial truck accident case. 

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