NOTE: This FAQ addresses what to tell your insurance company after a Pennsylvania car accident. What to do if the other driver's insurance company calls you is answered HERE. (And the answer is quite different.)

Every Pennsylvania car insurance policy requires some reasonably prompt notice of an accident. If you've been involved in a Pennsylvania car accident, you must report the accident to your insurance company or you may lose your rights under your policy.

When you talk to your insurance company, be clear and factual in your communications. It won't help you to blame the other driver and it can hurt you to accept fault. Just tell the agent or adjuster exactly what happened in language that is clear, accurate and complete.

If you're asked to describe your car accident injuries, be as accurate and complete as you can.  Don't use medical jargon with which you're unfamiliar and don't rely on your diagnosis from the E.R.  Just tell them what hurts (everything that hurts) in your own words.

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