In Pennsylvania, property offenses and theft offenses encompass a variety of possible allegations, all with different elements of proof and varying potential penalties. If you face these allegations (or are about to be charged), it is likely that the police have already completed their investigation.  So, you and your lawyer are now behind and must get to work to catch up.  Now is the time to start.  You've come to the right place. 

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We defend the freedom of people charged with:

Bad Checks

Retail Theft



Theft by Unlawful Taking

Theft By Deception

Identity Theft

Theft of Lost or Mislaid Property



Access Device Fraud

Deceptive Business Practices

Insurance Fraud

And other theft & property crimes

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Theft Offenses Can Be Complicated

In Pennsylvania, theft offenses are graded by the amount alleged to have been stolen and the number of times you have previously be convicted of theft. Some examples include:

♦ Felony 1, if > $500,000

♦ Felony 2, if > $100,000 but < $500,000

♦ Felony 3, if > $25,000 but < $100,000

♦ Felony 3, if > $2,000 but < $25,000

♦ Midemeanor 1, if > $200 but < $2,000

♦ Misdemeanor 2, if > $50 but <$200

Previous Convictions Make Matters Worse

If you have previous convictions for offenses, like retail theft, the grade increases from summary to midemeanor to felony with new convictions. 

Other Factors To Consider

Other factors make a theft a either a burglary, robbery or other theft offense.  Such factors also may change the grade of the offense and also increase the penalties affecting the "offense gravity score" or OGS.  Examples of some of these factors include:

√ whether the offense was committed by force or threat of force(robbery)

√ whether the property was stolen from a home (burglary) or   store (retail theft)

√ whether  people were at home at the time

√ what was taken ( guns or drugs)

√ whether you have previous convictions for other thefts

√ and other factors

Why Your Lawyer Can Make A Difference

Your understanding of all of these factors is essential to preparing your defense.  And what lawyer you choose is a critical first step in what can be a difficult fight for your freedom and your future. 

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