On the evening of August 3, 2008 an officer employed by the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission stopped a vehicle leaving the North East Marina for exiting the parking lot in the wrong lane of travel. (One lane is designated for entry and the other, separate lane, is designated for exiting the marina parking lot). In addition to traveling in the wrong direction, the officer believed that the car was traveling at an "unusually high-rate of speed."

After the stop the officer said that the driver's movements were "very slow" as he retrieved his driver's license and registration. The officer then asked the driver whether he had been drinking, and the driver admitted that he did have "a couple." The officer then required the driver to perform field sobriety tests before requesting that he submit to a blood sample, which later revealed a BAC of 0.201%.

When Erie DUI lawyer Tim George challenged the reasons for the motor vehicle stop, the Commonwealth agreed to withdraw the DUI charge. The motorist entered plea to the summary offenses of Public Intoxication and a traffic citation, which resulted in no license suspension and only fines and costs.

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