On April 9, 2010 at about 2:30 in the morning, a police cruiser performed a U-turn and followed the only other car on the roadway. After following the small car for more than 4 miles, the troopers activated the overhead lights of the cruiser and pulled the driver over. The officer told the driver that he had stopped the driver because, according to the officer, he had crossed over the center line three times. The driver disputed this claim at the scene. After questioning the driver further and asking him to perform field sobriety tests, the driver was arrested for DUI, possession of a marijuana pipe and the Vehicle Code violation for crossing the center line.

After a preliminary hearing, Erie DUI attorney Tim George filed a suppression motion on behalf of the driver. Following a suppression hearing in the Court of Common Pleas, at which the dashboard camera which showed all of the driving done by the accused was available, the Court ruled that the police lacked reasonable suspicion to stop the driver. As a result, all of evidence obtained after the stop was excluded, leaving no evidence (including his blood test results, his admissions and the marijuana pipe) to be offered against him.

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