Providing Unique Skills to Help With Your Pennsylvania Motorcycle Accident Recovery

In 2006 alone more than 4,900 people were killed in motorcycle accidents.  According to one study*, three fourths of those accidents involved other vehicles and two thirds of those accidents were the fault of the other driver.

Motorcycle accident cases present with challenges not often seen in more routine car accident cases.  Many jurors are car operators and may be biased against motorcyclists and so the accidents themselves, even though most often the fault of the other driver, must be thoroughly investigated and their facts carefully prepared in order to effectively persuade juries of the negligence of the car operator.

Insurance coverage in the Pennsylvania motorcycle accident case also presents challenges not often seen in more routine car accident cases.  Most Pennsylvania auto insurance companies structure their policies so as to force motorcyclists to insure their motorcycles separately from their other vehicles.  This often results in low or limited coverage and, when coupled with exclusionary clauses in insurance policies that would otherwise apply, may require complex insurance coverage determinations.

Finally, motorcycle accident injuries in Pennsylvania are often far more severe than those seen in car accident cases.  The lack of structural protection and restraint for motorcycle riders leads to significant and sometimes catastrophic injuries, necessitating the careful coordination of medical experts and long term care experts such as life care planners.

Purchase, George & Murphey, P.C. Represents People and Families Harmed by Pennsylvania Motorcycle Accidents

The experienced Erie County motorcycle accident attorneys of Purchase, George & Murphey, P.C. thoroughly investigate motorcycle accident cases to determine the cause and proper defendants and then zealously represent accident victims in their fight for fair and equitable damages. Eric Purchase and Tim George are experienced Erie motorcycle accident lawyers who can represent you from the initial investigation of your accident through the ultimate resolution of your case.

Call Purchase, George & Murphey, P.C. at 877-505-9548 or locally at 814-580-5017 for a free consultation.

The Investigation of Your Motorcycle Crash is Important

Motorcycle accidents are investigated by local police departments or the Pennsylvania State Police.  While these investigations can provide valuable information about your motorcycle accident, our experience has demonstrated that there is often more to be learned and much analysis to be performed to fully understand the mechanics, sight lines and avoidance opportunities presented in a motorcycle accident.

At Purchase, George & Murphey, P.C. we employ trained former insurance professionals and contract with private investigators and accident reconstruction engineers to closely examine and carefully analyze the cause(s) of your accident and to ensure that your case can be presented to a judge or jury in the most effective and persuasive manner.

How Purchase, George & Murphey Can Help You After Your Motorcycle Accident

It is not just our thorough investigation strategies that set us apart from other Erie motorcycle accident lawyers.  We have a unique combination of legal experience that benefits our clients.  Mr. Purchase spent 15 years working as an insurance defense lawyer and handled many cases for Erie Insurance and State Farm Insurance.  He taught insurance adjustors and claims professionals and is a sought after speaker at Supreme Court approved Continuing Legal Education seminars. He understands how insurance companies work and how to encourage them to settle cases for fair and just amounts.  Mr. George is a former prosecutor, assistant public defender and military lawyer.  He understands the ins and outs of the courtroom and how to prepare cases for trial.

This experience qualifies Mr. Purchase , Mr. Murphey and Mr. George to teach seminars to lawyers and insurance adjusters - and to represent you.

Working with Eric Purchase and Tim George

Purchase, George & Murphey, P.C. has a strong commitment to making things right for our clients.  We get to know each one of our clients, and their families, and we limit the number of cases that we take in order to give each client the personal attention that he or she deserves.  We have experience in handling all types of Pennsylvania motorcycle accidents and the complex insurance coverage issues that are included in many motorcycle accident cases.

Erie County is our home. We both returned to the community in the early 1990s to raise our families here and we are leaders in the local bar and community groups.  We are committed to using our legal skills to help our neighbors pursue justice when they are injured.

Call the Erie County motorcycle accident attorneys who have more than 37 years combined legal experience, who teach other lawyers and insurance companies about Pennsylvania accident law, and who genuinely care about the outcome of your case.  We welcome your call at 814-580-5017 or toll free at 877-505-9548  or via our website's contact form.

The Erie Motorcycle Accident Lawyers at Purchase, George & Murphey, P.C. Offer You Helpful Information

We are committed to providing you helpful information about Pennsylvania motorcycle accidents.  In addition to a free book on Pennsylvania accident cases, we've provided specific motorcycle safety information and other motorcycle accident information on this site, including:

For more information, call the Erie motorcycle accident attorneys who teach other lawyers and insurance companies about Pennsylvania motorcycle accident law and insurance issues and who genuinely care about you and the outcome of your case.  Call Purchase, George & Murphey, P.C. at 814-580-5017 or toll free at 877-505-9548 or use our website's contact form.

* Motorcycle Accident Cause Factors and Identification of Countermeasures, Prepared for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration by the University of Southern California